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At Ohio National, we know that you're continually seeking ways to manage the volatility and risk associated with your retirement savings. We're pleased to offer you a suite of Managed Volatility Portfolios (MVPs).

  • MVPs seek to reduce market volatility
    Because volatility is often a leading indicator of negative market performance, an allocation to the MVPs might help reduce the impact of severe market swings on your retirement account. As a result, you could be better positioned for future recovery.
  • More consistent results over time
    When you're navigating the risks of today's markets, diversification* alone may
    not be enough to protect your gains. The MVPs seek to reduce extreme market volatility. While market gains may also be reduced, managing downside volatility may result in more consistent returns over time.

The MVPs provide innovation and diversification,* with each offering a unique strategy for minimizing volatility. Your account assets are allocated among a broad selection of investment options, thereby lessening the risks associated with individual equities, bonds or other investments.**

* Diversification does not guarantee a profit or prevent a loss in declining markets. As with any investment, investing in variable portfolios involves risk, including loss of principal.
** See fund prospectus for full details and additional information.

Including the MVPs, ONcore Advantage's portfolio lineup now includes over 90 investment options and three asset allocation platforms from which to choose! 

Asset Allocation (Investing Your Contributions among Available Portfolios)
There are three platforms or ways you might want to allocate your assets in ONcore Advantage's portfolio options. These three ways include target-date allocation, risk-based allocation, and self-directed allocation. 

1) Target-Date1 Allocation
By choosing a target-date portfolio closest to your chosen retirement date, you'll receive a professionally managed single-fund solution offering a diversified strategy based your assumed retirement date. Driven by the targeted retirement date, your portfolio will gradually decrease in stock allocation and increase in bond funds and cash, with the goal of potentially reducing the impact of market downturns as you grow closer to needing these assets for retirement. As your risk tolerance decreases with age, your portfolio is adapted accordingly.

  • Download | One ChoiceSM Portfolios Flyer (Form 3199 under "Resources" to the right.) »

2) Risk-based Allocation  

With ONcore Advantage, you can choose from two types of risk-based portfolios:

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): By choosing a portfolio of professionally constructed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), you'll receive disciplined active management and a diversified asset mix suited to your risk tolerance.With Exchange traded funds, the portfolio's manager can quickly react to market conditions to maintain the portfolio's strategic asset allocation objectives. 

Managed Volatility Portfolios2 (MVPs): Described above, MVPs are basically risk-based portfolios that each have a unique strategy for reducing market volatility. These may help reduce the impact of market downturns, possibly leaving you better positioned for future recovery.

  • Download |  Ibbotson ETF Allocation Series (Form 7201 under "Resources" to the right.) »
  • Download |  Managed Volatility Portfolios (MVPs) Flyer (Form 3884 under "Resources" to the right.) »

With both target-date and risk-based asset allocation, you can choose a single fund and be done. We have 21 single-fund solutions available to you. This means that even first-time, unsophisticated investors can feel comfortable choosing among the portfolios.

3) Self-Directed Asset Allocation
When building your own portfolio, you can choose from any of our 90+ portfolios, including those mentioned in the two categories above. In addition to the MVPs, other risk-based portfolios and target date portfolios, we offer a wide range of diverse investment options spanning the full risk spectrum from which you can build your portfolio, using your own allocation strategy.

For your corporate plan, you can choose to offer all our funds, or select the funds you offer your plan participants based on your company's objectives.3 

Keeping Your Investment Strategy Current
Please remember that your asset allocation strategy and risk tolerance level can change over time, affected by advancing age and life changes. Try to revisit your strategy and contributions frequently to make certain they're still in line with your investment objectives.

1 The principal value of target-date portfolios is not guaranteed at any time, including at or after the target date.
2 Because the Managed Volatility Portfolios (MVPs) are managed to mitigate downside risk, they may underperform during periods of market appreciation.
3 Requires a separate administrative agreement

Neither asset allocation nor diversification ensures a profit or protects against loss in a declining market.


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