Frontline healthcare workers receive gas donation from Affiliated Financial

Frontline healthcare workers receive gas donation from Affiliated Financial

June 22, 2020

What started as a small, simple idea grew into something much bigger that helped many healthcare workers on the front lines in West Virginia.

On April 6, Randy Young, an Ohio National Builder General Agent and president of Affiliated Financial Group, was driving to work when he heard on the radio that someone out west had paid for gas for nurses, totaling $900, as a way to express gratitude to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need to do something like this, to pay it forward,” Randy told his staff that morning at a meeting. “So let’s do up to $25 per nurse for the first 100 nurses who show up at the gas station.”

After word spread on a local radio, dozens of cars lined up at the Exxon One Stop in the Kanawha City neighborhood in Charleston, West Virginia, on April 9. Randy and Affiliated Financial – along with other local businesses – volunteered and pumped gas for almost 300 nurses. They spent nearly $6,500.

And they continued to give back. Through May 7, Affiliated Financial pumped gas one day a week for nurses and other healthcare workers, with help from sponsors and other businesses. In total, $30,000 worth of gas was given to more than 1,400 healthcare workers.

Though it might seem small compared to what healthcare workers have been doing during the pandemic, the gesture was a big hit. Randy says it was unsurprising how well received the gesture was – just one of the many ways that showed how West Virginians come together during a crisis.

Giving back is important, and every little bit helps. “You have to do something you’re passionate about, something that resonates in your heart,” Randy says. “When we started this, it was never about getting any advertising out of it, though that did work to our advantage. It was all about paying it forward and giving back to the community.”

Ohio National thanks Randy and Affiliated Financial for helping those on the frontlines during these unprecedented times.