New login experience

New login experience

2020-06-13 00:00:00.0

As of June 13, Ohio National now requires you to confirm your identity via phone, text or email to log in to your account.

After you enter your login ID and password, a registration code is sent to you via phone, text or email and must be used within minutes. 

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Frequently asked questions

Ohio National is committed to protecting your data and privacy. Whether you are a policyholder, agent or you are seeking to conduct business with us, we will continue to implement the necessary security controls to protect your privacy.
This includes the use of multi-factor authentication and risk based authentication which work in tandem to analyze specific behavioral factors.
Combined with an already required strong password, we implemented these proven solutions as a critical component to reduce the risk of data loss due to a breach, protect against phishing attempts, limit the ability to which stolen credentials can be leveraged and prevent what has become commonly known as account takeover.
This level of protection is key to reducing fraudulent activity, securing personally identifiable information and maintaining uninterrupted access to your account by preventing lock-outs.
You will get to select how you want to receive the registration code each time and the code delivery options are based on the information available on your My Profile.
If you only have an email account on your profile, you will only be shown an option to receive the code via email. To see phone/text options, then you will need to update your profile with phone numbers.
If you don’t received a registration code, here are some things to check:
- If email was selected, did the email go to your spam or junk folder?
- Your profile may need to be updated to make sure there is not an extra space or that the information is correct. If you are able to get into using one of the multi-factor options, check your “My Profile” to make sure the information is correct. You can update your profile and then try that multi-factor option again.
- It could be an issue with your email provider or phone service provider. Find out which provider you are using and report the issue.

In the short term, can you get the code another way? If email isn’t working, is there a phone number on your profile where you can receive a code?
After the user receives a registration code, it must be used within minutes. Upon successful login, a new code will not be needed in the immediate future as long as the user continues to use the same browser. The user will still have to enter the login and password to enter the site each time. 
The registration code must be used within minutes. If the code is entered in after the time period, the login box will appear and you’ll have to login again.
The registration code is tied to the browser within an individual device. This means that if you open a different browser when trying to login again you will receive a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) request. This also means that if you use a different device (laptop vs. desktop, desktop vs. phone, library computer vs. home computer) you will be asked to MFA again.
For example, if you log in from California and 20 minutes later log in from a device in Ohio, the tool is smart enough to know that’s impossible and you won’t be allowed to enter the site.

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