Ohio National introduces new fixed indexed annuity

Ohio National introduces new fixed indexed annuity

May 4, 2020

Product offers protection from market losses and potential to participate in market rebounds

Ohio National Financial Services is pleased to announce it has launched the ONdex annuity, a new single premium fixed indexed annuity designed to help customers reach their long-term retirement goals. The ONdex annuity provides customers with the opportunity to accumulate assets by earning tax-deferred interest based, in part, upon the performance of a market index. 

“An ONdex annuity can be a good fit for someone who is retired or close to retirement age because it provides growth opportunities without the risk of losing principal from market downturns. It may be a good option for customers looking for a fixed income alternative that could potentially outperform CDs and other fixed investments.” said Michael J. DeWeirdt, CFA, FRM, Ohio National’s Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer. “This annuity is another way we can fulfill our mission to help clients achieve financial security and independence today —and for generations to come.”

Highlights of the new ONdex fixed indexed annuity include:

  • Ability to participate in market appreciation with protection from market losses
  • Built-in Guaranteed Accumulation Protection benefit for a guaranteed minimum amount of growth
  • The choice of four quality index-based allocation options and a fixed accumulation account
  • 7- and 10-year surrender periods to match clients’ liquidity needs and anticipated retirement timeline

This product does not offer an investment in the market or in any particular index.

This material is for general use with the public and is not intended to provide investment, insurance or tax advice for any individual.   

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