Why mutuality matters to you

Why mutuality matters to you

Ohio National’s mutual company heritage provides a foundation of strength and purpose that benefits you and your beneficiaries today and for generations to come.

Long-term perspective

As a mutual company, we have the ability and perspective to make business decisions that benefit our policyholders over the long term rather than react to short-term pressures. We don’t have to cater to Wall Street analyst reports and are able to focus on the fundamentals of managing risk and expenses.

Focusing on the long term has allowed Ohio National to maintain discipline and strategic focus – helping to build a lifetime of security for our clients.

We've consistently paid dividends* to eligible participating policyholders for 97 years.

*Dividends are not guaranteed.

Trusted relationships

With every important decision, we ask ourselves, “Is this the right thing for our policyholders?” With that, trusted relationships are built.

Delivering on our promises is the commitment we make to you. We’ll be there when a policy benefit is needed, regardless of the economic climate.