Protect your business from disability

Protect your business

For self-employed professionals and owners of small businesses, the threat of disability can present financial problems on two fronts.

Should you become too sick or hurt to work, you not only need to replace your personal income, but how would you continue paying your business expenses? A Business Overhead Expense disability income insurance policy may be able to help.

How business overhead expense (BOE) protection works

As a business owner, you have two budgets  – one for your business and another for your family. If you become disabled, you don’t want to be in a position to have to use your personal disability income (DI) insurance benefits to keep your business doors open.

What you want is a BOE policy tailored to your specific business needs. A BOE policy reimburses you for the expenses necessary for keeping your company running while you're sidelined.

Pairing both a BOE policy and an individual DI insurance policy can provide solutions tailored to your personal and business needs.

Business overhead expense can:

Provide revenue

If you become disabled, your business can still help meet financial obligations like salaries, rent and more.

Combine with your personal DI policy

Enhance your protection by simultaneously securing income for you and income for your business.

A bit of guidance can help

Protecting your business and personal budgets doesn’t have to be a balancing act.

Let us show you how combining personal and business DI insurance policies can help by determining:

  • Key expenses and taxes that your company is consistently liable for
  • Your personal expenses that are separate from your business

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