Five advantages to offering income protection for your employees

Five advantages to offering income protection for your employees

As a business owner, you know how important your employees are to the company. What if one of your employees becomes disabled and can’t work? A benefit to consider offering is individual disability income (DI) insurance. And how about offering this protection at a discount? It’s possible to do so through a Multi-Life Underwriting Program. It works just like it sounds – you can offer a DI benefit program to multiple employees at once.

At Ohio National, we offer three programs based upon the number of employees included:

  • Affinity Program
  • Fully Underwritten Multi-Life
  • Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)

Affinity Program
Through the Affinity Program, a 10 percent discount applies to the premiums for individual DI. Depending on your organization type, there is a minimum of five employees for non-medical companies and 10 employees for medical companies. You may choose to pay the premiums for the employees or offer the benefit, but employees pay the premium – discounted at 10 percent.

Fully Underwritten Multi-Life
For the Fully Underwritten Multi-Life plan, a 15 percent discount applies to the premiums for individual DI for a minimum of five employees. As the employer, you define the group and choose whether to pay the premiums or to offer the benefit as employee paid.

Multi-Life Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)
With Multi-Life GSI, you may provide this benefit to a minimum of five of your employees and pay the premiums; offer the benefit on a voluntary basis, through which the employees pay their own premiums; or share the premiums with your employees. No matter how you choose to set it up, there is a discount either to you or to your employees when the coverage is purchased as a group.

Why offer individual income protection to your employees?

  • Your employees are key to your business. The loss of an employee could greatly reduce productivity or decrease revenue. Offering a value-add benefit that protects a person’s income during a disability demonstrates their value to you and to the organization.
  • You can better attract new talent. Recruiting the type of employees you hope will become key to your organization will help your business succeed. You can improve the caliber of the employees you hire by including income protection as part of their benefits package.
  • You can cover any defined group of employees. Unlike other benefits that may require coverage for all employees, you can limit this benefit to just the employees you select and potentially deduct the premiums as a business expense.
  • It protects your business when no DI coverage is in place. You may wish to continue paying a disabled employee when he or she is unable to work. If you have no formal plan in place, by doing so, you may be setting a precedent by which you’ll have to continue paying salaries to all disabled employees.
  • You can enhance the benefits you already offer. For some employees, it’s likely that a group policy limits the benefit amount, leaving what could be a substantial coverage gap, should they become disabled. An individual DI policy can provide stand-alone protection or supplement any group long term disability coverage you may currently offer.

Protect your employees and your business – we can help. Contact your financial professional about how to obtain a no-obligation estimate for offering individual DI to your employees.


Disability income insurance policies issued by Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation. Product, product features and rider availability vary by state. Guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Disability income insurance is not available in CA. Issuers not licensed to conduct business in NY.

Disability income insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For complete details of coverage, contact your financial professional or the company.