Discover your investment risk tolerance

Discover your investment risk tolerance

How you devise your asset allocation strategy is one of the most important retirement plan decisions you will make.

Developing an asset allocation strategy that works for you will depend largely on when you’ll need your money and how comfortable you feel withstanding short term declines in the value of your investments. When you complete the risk profile questionnaire below, you may better understand your tolerance for risk.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation involves investing in a number of different asset classes. Historically, the returns of such classes don’t move up or down at the same time. By investing in multiple asset classes, even if some falter, others may perform well. This could help even out your investment returns.


In addition to investing among different asset classes, it can be beneficial to spread your investments within each class. For example, with stocks, diversifying might mean choosing stocks of different size companies, or companies with different investing strategies.


Re-examining your portfolio mix regularly helps to bring it back in balance with your risk tolerance.

Risk Profile Questionnaire

Help devise your asset allocation strategy by taking this risk profile questionnaire.

Next steps

You’ve taken the first step, to understand your comfort level with risk. Please consult your financial professional to receive more detailed information about the funds options available to you. 

Ohio National and its affiliates have financial interests in the sale of the products detailed within this material.

Such materials are based on generally accepted investment theories that take into account the historic returns of different asset classes (e.g., equities, bonds or cash) over defined periods of time.

Portfolio allocations suggested by this risk profile represent an example of the type of diversification you may want to consider based upon your score. Neither asset allocation nor diversification ensures a profit or protects against a loss in declining markets. The final decision is yours based on your individual situation, needs, goals and risk tolerance.

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