Indexed whole life

Indexed whole life insurance

Indexed whole life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that combines permanent death-benefit protection with growth that can be based partially on market indices,* which may allow for higher accumulation potential. How you choose to design your policy will reflect your priorities for death benefit protection and cash accumulation.

You can access your cash value through withdrawals or policy loans to help cover unexpected expenses, pay college costs or use as a retirement income supplement.

You may want to take advantage of your financial ability to secure whole life insurance over a short period of time. A Prestige Indexed 10 Pay whole life insurance policy requires premium payments for 10 years. After that, the premiums end but your lifetime protection doesn’t.
Unlike traditional whole life insurance products, an indexed whole life insurance policy lets you direct your money to a fixed interest account, or to index accounts where interest crediting varies with the performance of a specific equity index, like the S&P 500®. This allows you to focus on building cash value, as an indexed whole life insurance policy may offer higher return potential than some other types of life insurance. It’s important to note, however, that there are performance caps limiting how much of an index’s performance you’ll be credited, balanced by the protection of performance floors that help you avoid negative returns. Because none of your money is directly invested in the market, your policy's cash value will not decrease solely because of how the index performed.**
Indexed whole life policies offer the flexibility to adapt to life’s unknowns. These options include two different types of loans, letting you choose the option that best meets your financial needs at the time or down the line, and optional riders allowing you to address a variety of financial needs. For more information on some of the riders available to add to your whole life insurance policy, see the Living benefits of RIDERS section.

Indexed whole life insurance can help you:

Provide a death benefit

Your loved ones get a guaranteed, tax advantaged death benefit if you die***

Secure guaranteed premiums

Your policy premiums will never increase, and are only required for a set period of time

Build cash value

Your premiums create cash value that has the potential to increase based, in part, on market indices* and that you can access for future financial needs, including retirement

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Living benefits of RIDERS

*Interest linked growth is based in part on the movement of the selected market index and is subject to applicable caps, spreads, and/or participation rates.

**The cash value may still decrease due to the deduction of cost of insurance and expense charges.

***Ohio National does not offer tax advice. Consult with a tax professional regarding your particular situation.

Indexed whole life insurance is issued by Ohio National Life Assurance Corporation. Product, product features and rider availability vary by state. Issuer not licensed to conduct business in NY.

Withdrawals may reduce the death benefit, cash surrender value and any living benefit amount.